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Are you looking for a unique and memorable day at sea?

This is the best choice you can make to experience it!


Delos, the sacred island, is a must visit place! Our qualified crew will make sure that You will have a special day. So, if You like to spend some great time at sea, taste the amazing Greek Cuisine, enjoy sailing, visit the island of Delos and swim in awesome waters, then,

this is the ideal cruise for You.

1st Stop – At the Rhineia North Beach for a refreshing swim, maybe a glass of wine or a refreshment to relax and enjoy the landscape. Continue along the East coast of Rineia..

2nd Stop – Chapel Bay. You can simply lay on the beach surrounded by raw nature. The more adventurous of you may also explore the island on foot. Onboard you will find also snorkelling equipment for the ones who wish to experience the underwater world!


3rd Stop – Delos. At Delos, our trip will continue with a visit to one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greek history: the birthplace of the Ancient God Apollo. A protected site of UNESCO, a sacred island for the Greeks and one of the reasons to visit Greece.


Our cuisine is basically Mediterranean and pairs the abundance of tastes and aromas with the values of simplicity, clarity and purity. We love to offer to our Guests, local specialties and delicacies from the islands around, an exploration of new tastes.


You can pick your favourite menu when you book your cruise.


We offer you:


Mediterranean Menu & Sea food

Greek Barbecue menu

Vegan Menu


All ingredients are fresh, the finest once of Greek origin.


Your lunch is prepared and cooked by our Chef onboard and our wines selected and served by our sommelier.


Our menus are cooked with love and care, offering You the best experience.

FULL DAY: 09.00 - 17.00

HALF DAY: 10.00 - 15.00

SUNSET CRUISE: 17.30 - 20.30

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