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romance, sailing & gastronomy

Are you looking for a truly romantic getaway for You and Your loved one? This will be the highlight of your honeymoon. Let us offer you an unforgettable sailing cruise to the most romantic corners of Cyclades. Honeymoon, wedding proposals, anniversaries or simply the celebration of your love, this program will satisfy you and most importantly will be unforgettable for you both! Romance is the number one priority of this itinerary, the menu onboard will be exquisite and service 24/7.

Experience the beauty of sailing while having the comfort of an all inclusive hotel! Our seasoned crew will take care of everything You need to experience immortal memories. Entrust us with your honeymoon vacation and we guarantee that you will have the time of your lives. A lot of surprises will be arranged for you while cruising to complete the experience.

our cuisine

We love to offer to our Guests, local specialties and delicacies from the islands around, an exploration of new tastes. The recipes you will try onboard are traditional with a modern twist, carefully picked from all over Greece. 

We offer you:


Mediterranean Menu & Sea food

Greek Barbecue menu

Vegan Menu

All ingredients are fresh, the finest once of Greek origin.


All meals are prepared and cooked by our Chef onboard and our wines selected and served by our sommelier.


Our menus are cooked with love and care, offering You the best experience.

the itinerary

Mykonos: the island of winds & Rineia

Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. In Mykonos celebrities, college students and families mingle together to celebrate the Greek summer. Whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a great time or a visitor who wishes to explore the island‘s history and tradition, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations. Check-in is after 15.00 pm, after a small briefing we set sail to the inhabitant island of Rhinia where we will anchor for the night and spend a beautiful evening under the stars. There is nothing more refreshing than to wake up in the middle of this enchanting bay!

Delos: the sacred island & Naxos

The small island of Delos is in the center of Cyclades and located a few miles from Mykonos Island. Delos is one of the most important sacred and historic sites in Greek history under the protection of the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO.

According to mythology, Delos is the birthplace of both Apollo, God of daylight and music, and his twin sister Artemis, Goddess of nighy light and hunting. After a morning swim in the turquoise, crystal and clear waters of Rhinia, we sail for our cultural trip to Delos. After you visit, we set sail to the island of Naxos.


After breakfast, sail to the biggest island in Cyclades. Enjoy long walks in the old city inside the castle. Taste super delicious dishes, as Naxos is known for its quality of food. Our chef always chooses to buy provisions from this island. Before your next destination, our captain will take you to a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy swimming.

Koufonisia & Schoinousa

Next stop on our list will be Koufonisia and the sandy beach of Pori to explore a Greek exotic landscape! Koufonisia are two small islands, known for their amazing beaches. Enjoy swimming to a natural swimming pool, and explore by foot the whole island. After our swim, we set sail to our next destination. The feeling of calmness is definitely one of a kind. Schinousa possesses an energy that will make you appreciate the simple moments in life. The harmonic sceneries of the island will undoubtedly fulfil your every day. Schinousa is a place where you can find peace of mind while the simplicity and kindness of the local people will make you feel like you become part of their lives. Ask from the skipper where you can eat deliciously, hand made, local desserts and don‘t forget to taste ‘psimeni‘!


Our picturesque destination! An island a bit far from the rest, but so worth visiting. Our guests always pick her as the favourite in this itinerary. Make sure you visit the monastery of Xozoviotissa with the most amazing view.



Ios or Nios, as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades, like a flower, as its name ‘Ion‘ denotes. According to the ancient tradition, Ios was the homeland of Homer‘s mother and the final resting place of the great epic poet. Upon reaching the island, the view before you is enchanting: as pretty as a picture. Early anchor in the marina of Ios!


Our last stop is the island of Paros! The third most famous Cycladic island is the best closure to this beautiful route. Next day early in the morning our crew will make sure to arrive to Mykonos, where you will check out.

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