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Four years ago we decided to start accommodating guests in our sailing boat while docked in the marina of Tourlos, Mykonos. We wanted to provide them a special experience onboard and share our love for the sea! With lots of respect and care for what we do, we have successfully accommodated more than 200 guests! Along the way, we met interesting people with whom we could share the same vision and Aiolis Experience was born. With our team we create unique experiences on a beautiful, hand crafted 56ft sailing boat with all the comforts of a floating hotel! 

This year you can find us between Athens - marina of Kalamaki, and Mykonos - marina of Tourlos. Our base from mid of April till the end of Mai will be in Athens, where you can be accommodated or enjoy a sailing cruise to the Saronic gulf. From beginning of June till the end of October, our base will be Mykonos, where you can also be accommodated or sail in Cyclades. According to our previous guests, it is a beautiful, relaxing experience and our team will make sure that you have the most of it!

Let us welcome you onboard!


The area of the marina is lovely and you can even have a swim to the beach right next to us (2min by foot). It is the perfect location for children and families, as they can play safely in the area around. It comes handy to/from Chora, as there is a Sea bus station 2min by foot from our location, that passes every 20mi. Staying on Aiolis, is a great opportunity for guests to enjoy the best sea view and relax onboard, getting familiar with the sailing boat! The marina is vivid and you can find everything you might need in a 5min walking distance, in case some days you just want to relax and stay away from the crowded Chora of Mykonos! Enjoy a peaceful evening with a glass of wine on the deck, under the stars, with the view of the town and the sounds of the sea.


The marina of Kalamaki is 20min by car from the center of Athens and 5min from Palaio Faliro, one of the most beautiful areas in the south coast of the capital. It is well connected with buses and tram that can take you anywhere you like. The station is right outside the marina, 4' walking from where the boat is located. In the area you can find coffee shops, restaurants, swimming pool and bars to enjoy the night life of Athens! In Palaio Faliro you can find one of the biggest parks in Greece, filled with Kindergardens, open air gyms, herb farm, coffee shops, playgrounds and much more! Also next to the park you can find the marina of Flisvos, one of the most beautiful marinas in Europe. Bars, coffee shops and restaurants will give you many options for a great evening by the sea. In both marinas you have the opportunity to enjoy sailing classes for all ages! Some quality time for the kids especially!

*Due to sailing cruises throughout the season, contact us to find out where we are during the days you are interested in.  

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