Dear Guests welcome,

Our vision is to share the passion for the sea with our guests and offer them the best possible experience on board. Sailing in the Greek islands is truly an unforgettable experience, combining it with authentic Greek cuisine and Greek wine, takes it to the next level. Our cuisine is basically Mediterranean and we love to offer to our Guests local specialties and delicacies from the islands we visit, an exploration of new tastes. Also, did you know that Greece produces amazing wines? Not many people do, so no worries. We are here to change that. Taste really good wines, carefully selected from our sommelier. On board you will find the top wines from Greek varieties and have the chance to drink something new! 

Aiolis is not a regular sailing boat. Is spacious and comfortable. The cherry wood in the inside, takes you to another era from the moment you enter. The romantic air of Aiolis, makes it ideal for honeymooners as well as couples and families that wish to spend some quality time together. The master bedroom, our gem, is a cozy, lovely, comfortable nest for couples. Is the room of cupid! Our specialty is creating unforgettable honeymoons! This has always been our dream! Every year we work on our services, especially for cruises to celebrate the start of a wonderful married life. Special Guests, get special treatment. Delicious food and travel surprises, make this cruise one of a kind. 

Our experienced skipper Yannis, will lead you to secluded beaches and beautiful bays, always protected from the winds in Cyclades, and will show you the secrets of the sailing art. Kostas, our seasoned chef - sommelier, will meticulously prepare for you every meal onboard, and recomment to you the best wine to pair it with. With love and care, you will experience a gastronomic travel to heart of Greece.


Let us host you on board for a sailing, gastronomic experience and take the chance to explore Greece like never before! 



Mykonos - Μύκονος, Greece

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