10 Reasons why you should choose Greece for your honeymoon.

And the moment has come, you finally got to the point to admit that this is the one for you and your common life has already started! The celebrations might begin! The Big day of your life is approaching and you have so many things to plan and make this the most important and the most fabulous day of your life!

However both of you can't wait to fly away for your honeymoon! Looking forward to some days of relaxation and real bonding after the "big" day and the celebrations. I can't wait for my honeymoon anyway! :) Just the two of us, exploring new places and just enjoying the company of one another. So why choose Greece for this special trip? What is that Greece has to offer you that make it a unique destination for you this special trip?

1. Variety of places.

Greece is globally When you see Greece on the map, you assume that is a small country which you can easily visit and travel in a short period of time. This could not be more far from the truth! As Elytis once wrote for Greece, this little world the great! Apart from the vast variety of islands, Greece's mainland is equally beautiful and worths visiting. Mountains, lakes and rivers that will blow your mind, also due to the huge coastline, 13.676 km, wherever you go, you are always less than one and a half hours away from the sea. Either you are the mountainous type of couple, or the beach type, Greece is for all tastes. Look for Peloponese (Mani, Ancient Olympia, Kalamata, Messinia and so on), Central Greece (Meteora, Delphi) to Nothern Greece (Thessaloniki, Xalkidiki, Komotini..) Not to mention the variety of islands! (Cyclades, Eptanese, Dodekanese, Sporades, Saronic..) You can find 227 inhabited islands and in total 6.000 in Greece. The list doesn't stop..



2. Amazing cuisine.

Greece is globally known for its cuisine. The Mediterranean diet is nutritious and recommended for preserving good health. The life expectancy in some places in Greece, exceeds the 85 years old. Especially in the regions around Athens, or even in the open markets, the quality of goods is superb. GMOs are not imported,, nor cultivated, so you can be sure of the high quality of food you will have while visiting Greece. You can notice that anyway, from the different taste of all local vegetables and fruits!

Greek gemista

Greek gemista

3. Hospitality.

Greece has the reputation of hospitality. It is something that goes back in time for centuries. According to the ancient tradition, the God of Gods, Zeus was also known as Xenios, which comes from the Greek word, xenos --> foreigner, stranger. Hospitality --> Philoxenia, means literally friend of foreigner. It was considered a moral duty and a sacred rule. This is why the strangers/visitors, were considered sent from the Gods, people of honour and respect. The mentality was that, when someone visits you, you should treat him as a family member, as you would like to be treated. That remained through the centuries in the Greek blood, and till today, the great hospitality is something that remains memorable to all visitors.

Statue of Zeus

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

4. History, mythology and archeological treasures.

Greece is the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, west civilisation in general. Almost anywhere you travel in Greece you will find archeological places of great importance and history to visit. The brown signs, like the one below, will show you what you can find in the area. If you are lucky enough, you might find a modern philosopher and have one of the most interesting discussions of your life. Talking of Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras!


5. Romantic islands.

Everyone knows of Santorini and the romantic sunset that offers to her visitors. But to be honest with you it has been way too touristic for my taste! Have looked for Small Cyclades? Koufonisia, Donousa, Iraklia, Amorgos. Oh dear, we are talking about real tranquility and romance with your loved one. Islands so small you can walk them through, find cozy bars for cocktails and the most sandy and turquoise beaches you will ever see! Is the "Caribbean of Greece".

Small Cyclades overview- Koufonisia

6. Activities for any taste.

The most fascinating thing about Greece is that you can literally find anything that you are looking for, and this is something not anyone knows. From kite-surfing, kayak, surfing, rafting, scuba diving to trekking, climbing, parasuiting, sailing and even skiing! Whenever you are planning your honeymoon, you can find the best extreme sport to do in Greece. Kalymnos, for example, is known of its climbing areas. You can find information here. In Creta you can find the Samaria's canyon, one of the most spectacular canyons in Greece (best period for that is spring). In Aegean Sea, around Cyclades you can sail, surf and practice all type of sea sports. More information here.

Samaria's Canyon

7. Vibrant nightlife.

The Greeks really know how to party, and that is proven in every step. Is the country that never sleeps, especially in some places. Even the Telegraph is saying so! Either you pick the islands, the cities or the villages, you will find everywhere a party going on. Here you will find some tips. I am sure you know about the night clubs in the cities and in the islands. But have you heard about the local festivities that are held in the villages and the islands during summer? For example, the week of 15th of August, due to a big holy celebration, almost every village holds an "open Greek party". Here you can have a taste of the most famous one, being held in Ikaria. There, you can feel more Greek than ever!

Athens by night.

8. Affordability.

Even though Greece is a very touristic country, still the prices are not very high. Apart from some places like Santorini and Mykonos for example, which are the most expensive ones. The reason why is still affordable, is because the touristic capacity of the country is high. However, every year is getting more and more visitors annually, and the prices will not stay so low for long. So take advantage of the period and arrange a trip, as soon as possible!