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Book your cruise today and enjoy a unique gastro-cultural experience in Greece with the unique Alfa 56ft Aiolis.

Welcome to a moment in time.


Aiolis Experience is precisely what the name suggests; an experience.


Unlike the average sailing boats, stepping onboard this spacious and comfortable boat feels like time-traveling to a more romantic era, where time slows down, and your senses are heightened.

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Sailing & Gastronomy

The ultimate culinary adventure in Greece. Combine sailing, food & wine tasting while visiting the most beautiful islands in Greece.

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Cyclades Panorama

Two weeks full of images, tastes and aromas. Cast off from Athens, visit Mykonos & Santorini among others. The list goes on, more than 17 islands!

Romance & Sailing

This will be the highlight of your honeymoon. Let us offer you an unforgettable sailing cruise to the most romantic corners of Cyclades.

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Cuisine & Winery 


A meticulously made menu onboard upon your preferences. Immerse yourself into the Greek cuisine while trying our exquisite wines and beers.

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loved by friends & families

Great Place to stay, right by the ferries in new port in Tourlos. Get off the ferry, walk over the bridge and right and there you will see their boat, The Aiolis. Yanni and his wife are very nice, they make you feel comfortable with conversation, meals, wine, and greek coffee. The boat docks are a nice little community near everything. You can take the mini ferry into town, but for maximum convenience I would recommend renting a little 4 wheeler across the street from the boat dock. There is wifi and good breakfast there, as well as 4 wheelers. Just make sure they work and have enough gas. It was very relaxing going to sleep on the Ocean. The bathroom works well and everything about the boat and hosts is really cool. Thank You!


<img src="greek temple.png" alt="temple of Afaia in Aigina">

Endless Greece.

We love to put all our knowledge on paper, so this is our canvas! You will find from sailing tips & places you should visit in Greece, recipes & little Greek cuisine stories to mythology & philosophy articles.

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